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Polaris Innovations is playing a significant role in establishing the standards for CBD businesses around the world. Founded by a team with more than a century of combined experience we understand the steps needed to provide quality services to our customers. We believe in leading the industry with honest business practices and delivering only the highest quality CBD solutions. Polaris Innovations upholds a responsible and transparent supply chain from farm to customer. We enjoy creating a business environment that is rich in personality, intelligence, and culture—a place our team is proud to call home.


Located in Estacada, Oregon, using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, we are more than prepared to support national and international markets. Polaris Innovations runs a solution oriented enterprise that actively enriches the lives of others through our commitment to the distribution and development of only the highest quality CBD solutions. We hold the capacity, equipment, and expertise to effectively fulfill any bulk, retail, or toll processing CBD service you might find yourself in need of.


The CBD market demands a tremendous level of responsibility, transparency, and integrity – Polaris Innovations not only sets that standard, but consistently tries to raise it.








what we do best


Toll Processing

Let us handle your processing. We turn your environmentally sensitive crop into a shelf-stable, high-nutraceutical CBD oil using a closed loop, USP corn-derived Ethanol extraction.

Distillate & Isolate

Customized purity to fit your needs! We bio-separate, distill, and purify CBD into different grades of purity depending on your specifications. This includes minor remediation for THC-free products.

Bulk API’s

We create unique, bulk product bases using hemp-derived CBD for targeted customer products. Downstream options include end-to-end manufacturing.

White-label Manufacturing

Production, labeling, shipping - we take care of it all! Combining all our services and processes, we offer full white-label manufacturing to help every client take their business to the next level.

High-Terpene Essential Oils (coming soon)

We can combine any number of essential oils with terpenes to develop entirely new base oils. Our unique processes ensure the protection of the integrity of all oil profiles.

Water-Soluble CBD (coming soon)

We are utilizing high-amplitude ultrasonic homogenization to produce a water-soluble form of CBD that will have endless applications in food and beverage.

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